Our goal for the brand owners we service is to attain and remain on the front page of any online product search.

Our exclusive online sales and market data helps us customize strategies and campaigns around the brands and products we service. We have seen this create a valuable partnership that allows our clients to fully capitalize on the potential of the vast online marketplace.

Ecommerce mega platforms have many ways of determining how many eyes see your specific product lines. Zangaroo strives to be your favorite tool to take full advantage of the enormously large and extremely vital online retail marketplace.

We give our brand owners the chance to occupy the E-retail shelf space they deserve.

The most fundamental way to guarantee increasing sales volume is to acquire great reviews and use address all others immediately. This novel idea of excellent customer satisfaction is integrated into the algorithms of all the major online retail platforms worldwide to ensure that customers get the best products and services by eliminating the poor ones and encouraging the best.

Customer satisfaction can be a tedious task and almost impossible to have 100% control of when several E-retailers sell a certain brand or product. To make it work successfully, it requires a well-planned management strategy, real-time information and responding, and of course, high quality products.

Certain benchmarks are set by platforms such as Amazon. Brands regularly miss benchmarks by as little as .1  to .4 on the 5 star rating.  We shoot for those specific benchmarks, and see volume increase from 10%-60%.

As of 2018, The possibilities and opportunities seem endless. Doubling and tripling volume comes with a strategy that employs several techniques like the for-mentioned customer satisfaction marks.

We want our brand owners to attain and remain on the front page of the product search to guarantee increased sales.

Get our professionals working with you to have your great product listings consistently ranking high on the product search front page.

Zangaroo fully services all of our clients’ brands and product lines, we don’t just buy and sell.

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